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Healthcare as we know, will never be the same ...

Three interesting articles about the #impact and #disruption of #technology in today's #healthcare business:

1. Google and Novartis smart lenses ready for human trials by the end of 2016. Not only a lens to turn your eye into a camera ... but a lens that can be used in different treatment areas, including diabetes and presbyopia ... pretty amazing, don't you think? (

2. 3D printing disruption is not coming, it's already here ... FDA recognizes 3D printed medicins ... and now it's also available at U.S. Epilepsy drug SPRITAM was the first drug approved by the FDA that is manufactured with 3-D printing technologies. ( -

3. Scientists at Tel Aviv University’s Department of Biotechnology developed a ‘cyborg heart patch’ able to replace dying muscle, and able to release drugs from the patch directly onto the heart. (

A nice quote I heard last week at #FutureDecoded: we take our car more often to the car mechanic, than we we take our body to the doctor. What's the main difference...: periodic checks and sensors ...

So, we need to use sensors to read and understand the data coming out from our body ... to deliver in a more controlled way the release of medication into that body at the times and in the amounts it's needed ... that's a new interpretation and opportunity of personalized healthcare by using technology. #IoT

My personal opinion: we're only at the beginning of this exiting journey #revolution. #technology changes everything it touches and connects.

Because, we live in pretty amazing times ;-)

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