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Collaboration 3.0 ... why Facebook is leading the way

September is always a great month for the tech guru's among us: Apple TimeFlies, Facebook Connect, Microsoft Ignite, Amazon Alexa, .. all sharing their roadmaps and new technologies.

Most amazing session so far was Facebook's. We all know Facebook from their social platforms and privacy battles ... But Facebook has a whole lot more under the hood. Marc Zuckerberg's vision on how we will communicate and collaborate in the future is just amazing ... and he's making it a reality.

Just sharing 2 video's below on how Facebook sees communication and collaboration by using their Oculus devices.

On their previous 2018 roadmap, Facebook planned the #AR #VR adoption phase to take like 10yrs ... but Corona changed the remote and virtual adoption timelines overnight.

So, how does the next normal looks like: a mix between virtual and reality ... and, Facebook will lead the way how we communicate, collaborate and learn in the future.

Combine this with the amount of data and insights they have of their platform users and you know they have all the ingredients to change the world (again).

Enjoy !

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