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Amazon just gave us another glimpse on the future of local commerce

The launch of Amazon Salon was quite unexpected ... as, why would Amazon enter the barber business by opening a hair salon in London?

Well, it's not because of the hair ... that's for sure. As a matter of fact: Amazon just hinted us on how they see the future of local commerce: digital, data and customer experience driven.

Observe the pictures and look at their CX approach: perfectly measured and placed products, enriched with digital info and entertainment. Shelves with your favorite product and a QR code: you scan it, they deliver it at home when and how you want it. Amazon Prime will solve all the inconveniences: from booking, to ordering, to paying and delivering ... everything with a smile.

Imagen the info gathered as data in order to target you with your top most relevant promotions ... customer centricity in its purest form.

This is how Amazon sees the future of commerce ... and to be honest: I like It ;-)

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