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Start with WHY ... Simon Sinek

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Still one of TED's most viewed and popular talks is Simon Sinek's about Start with Why.

At TEDx Maastricht (2011) Simon explains in a brilliant way his Golden circle of influence: Why, how and what. This model is still very popular in today's world among a lot of organisations as one of the main tools being used to define business models and strategies.

I really like this video because it explains in a great and simple way why many organizations fail and are so wrong with their strategy by focusing on their How and What and ignore the Why: their customer.

Unfortunately I missed Simon's 2011 TEDx talk in Maastricht, but my ticket for his talk on 4 November '19 in Amsterdam is already booked

Enjoy this great video about "Start with the WHY" ...

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