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Facebook does the thinking 4U: meet DeepText

Well, it's no secret to tell you that Facebook does know quite a lot about you and what you actually do. Combine the power of Facebook with What's App, Messenger, Instagram ... all owned by ... Facebook knows a hell of a lot of you and us all.

As a matter of fact, Facebook disrupted the way people communicate ... So, the time has come to use all that communication data and do something with it ... instantly, or to put in other words "strike when the iron is hot".

Meet Facebook's next level of A.I.: DeepText

DeepText is a deep learning-based text understanding engine that can understand with near-human accuracy the textual meaning of several thousands posts per second, in more than 20 languages. DeepText will go beyond the recognition of words, DeepText will actually understand what your post or message means.

Ok, nice to know ... but what will it do for me?

Facebook is already testing this technology for some users. If Facebook Messenger notices you messaging a friend about 'needing a ride', DeepText will understand that message and it will pull up a "Request a Ride" button offering you an Uber. So,it's not about capturing the word 'ride', but it's about understanding what you actually mean ... DeepText goes beyond words.

Facebook will do the thinking for you...if the momentum is there (it's all about timing)

Imagen the power and possibilities of DeepText: when you're chatting about going to the latest movie ... Deeptext will understand you and thus "offer" you a free seat in your nearest movie theater ... at a great price (when you decide now LoL). If needed, DeepText will also arrange you a drive ... or whatever you may need.

Facebook will understand you in a way that only your mother does ;-) ... oh, yeah ... of course they won't do that for free...somebody has pay for this kind of great functionality, but don't worry: movie theaters, cab services will all love to pay for these kind of "We do the thinking for you" services.

Because, we live in pretty amazing times!


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