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OMG, Where's Johnny? #SelfDrivingCar

Was it actually #PaulVerhoeven with Total Recall that inspired #Uber for the self driving taxi service, back in 1990?

Self driving cars are HOT these days: every car and non-car manufacturer is rushing to get their piece of the pie. The technology is available and ready, driving data is being gathered for further improvements and baby-bugs are already out of the system. (thank you Google & Tesla).

It also seems that the market is ready for it, people are adopting this new kind of technology ... which we actually dream of since we ever watched "KITT" or "Johnny's Cab Service" ;-) as a kid.

The disruption is knocking on the door, The Guardian announced today that Insurer Adrian Flux launches UK's 'first driverless car policy' (

Take also into consideration that Uber (world's biggest taxi company, owning no vehicles) is testing their self driving cars at Pittsburg (, it's only a matter of time before we see driverless cars in our streetview.

The Question is and remains: will Uber replace Johnny, yes or no?

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