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The transport #Uberization

A few weeks ago I heard an interview on the radio where Uber was being discussed. The interviewer there was mentioning that the investors in Uber were taking major risks to accept Uber to make major losses and paying the cabdrivers a bigger fee in order to gain market share in certain area's in the world.

Well, I could not understand his statement ... take a look at the potential of Uber and combine it with the vision they have.

Uber is not world's biggest taxi company owning no vehicles, they're world's biggest transport company owning no drivers.

Take a look at their latest accomplishment: Uber’s Self-Driving Truck Makes Its First Delivery: 50,000 Beers at Colorado & Uber's self driving car at Pittsburgh

... it's about the way and how transport is organized ... in their vision it's driverless, autonymous ... in other words: without human dependency.

And if we think this still will take a while ... please, reconsider "a while".

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