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Jeff Bezos on the next web innovation #TED 2003

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

TED published this video only a few months ago … about a TED talk 15 years ago back in February 2003.

#Jeff Bezos - aka Mr #Amazon - is talking about the "2003" state-of-mind on the internet, sharing his vision and comparing it with the early days of the electric industry

The momentum is also worth a note: in 1999 he was named "Man of the year" by Time Magazine … while a few month later the .com bubble bursted. Nevertheless he remained his believe and trust in his vision and future.

Now in 2019, we can state that Jeff Bezos rewrote the rules of commerce and initiated a new era in business. Amazon is now a trillion dollar company, disrupting every business in its core.

Enjoy the TED talk!

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